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Tourism In Pahang

Exploring Pahang...

The Malaysia's Nature
Of Wonders

Golfing In The Highlands The Highlands Of Pahang National Park / Taman Negara Lakes Of Pahang Marine Park Of Pahang Tioman Island

  It's Kuantan Info's pride
to present yet another contribution

to the efforts  of the Pahang State
Government in further improving the
tourism services for the benefit of visitors
and tourists to fascinating PAHANG.

Pahang has so much to offer. Food,
Culture, People and her attractions
of characteristic charms. From the
cool mountain breezes of Malaysia's
three major highlands, the ancient lush
tropical rainforests of Taman Negara
(the National Park) and Endau-Rompin
Park plus the stretches of  coastal
beaches and islands.

In brief, whether you are visiting as a
tourist or businessman, you'll find
many things unique about Pahang. 


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